About Our Business...

We are a real estate brokerage organization created with two specific purposes in mind. We first want to
provide a viable alternative for those licensed real estate agents not wanting to pursue real estate full-time; a
way to keep a real estate license active; and the opportunity to legally earn commissions. Secondly, we want
to provide high quality service to buying and selling clients referred by our members.

As a licensed real estate brokerage organization, we are qualified and charged with the responsibility of
serving as principal broker for thousands of licensees.

We are not, however, a conventional real estate brokerage firm--no referral associate within our organization
ever directly represents a buyer or seller. All buyers and sellers are placed with full-time real estate sales
associates, qualified to handle the referral client leads and those individuals are committed to meet the
specific needs and desires of the customer.

Since we are an independent organization--we are not owned nor controlled by any real estate company or
franchise--we allow and encourage our members to select the firm and agent they wish to handle their
referral clients.

If our member does not have a choice, then we will use our vast resources to place the lead with a firm that
has a proven track record and that can best meet the needs of the customer. Independence and the ability to
work with the best full service real estate firms has helped us provide a true superior level of service to buyers
and sellers, and to best meet the needs of our licensed members.

Further, since we are not a member of the National Association of Realtors® (nor any local boards), we do not
provide the services needed to successfully service customers and clients directly. We do, however, have the
personnel, skills, tools, computer tracking system, and experience to successfully service customers and
clients on a referral basis.

We offer a very economical and viable alternative to real estate licensees not wanting to pursue real estate as
a full-time career.

REAL ESTATE REFERRAL GROUP, LLC is owned and operated by Tom Mattingly, Broker/Owner and Jim Hart,
Broker Associate both with RE/MAX at the Crossing. Collectively offering over 40 years of full service Real
Estate experience!
4735 Statesmen Drive, Suite D  Indianapolis, IN 46250
Direct: (317) 847-8229 - VM: (317)388-3366  Fax: (317)290-3921  Email: jhart@mibor.net